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1.Cancellation Terms

Cancellation more than 72 hours of the activities will be free charge.

Cancellation less than 72 hours of the activities will be charge 50% of the price

Cancellation the day of the activities will be charge 100% of the price


If condition and situation is bad for example: Riots, Rebellion, Landslide, Flood, eruption etc) the tour could be cancelled.

We will arrange or re-schedule if it’s still possible.

We return your money if there is not possible to do the activities (for costumer paid or deposit )


Giri Bali Trekking provide for you to conduct the transaction with us and one of the easiest ways are PAYPAL

Payment via PAYPAL is the payment through online where you can use your credit card, travel checks or money transfer

The payment through PAYPAL is the payment can be done quickly, efficiently, easily, secure, whenever and wherever you want.

Please note that payment must be sent to #(email) through PAYPAL website.

4.Payment through PayPal Terms Condition

Every payment is made through PAYPAL will be applied the extra charge of 4% from the total invoice for covering PAYPAL and fluctuation local exchange rate fee.

PAYPAL has the authority to charge your credit card or travel checks and do the communication with your bank.

All transactions are made through PAYPAL will be on PAYPAL responsibility and if there is any of miss charge occur from PAYPAL, you have to contact PAYPAL directly.

PAYPAL is using high alert protection of transaction online to protect their customer and cardholder including you, therefore sometime the transaction will be held/reject/denied by the PAYPAL for security reason. So please contact PAYPAL directly to clarify your transaction.

To avoid fraudulent of online transactions, please ensure that you stand on the page official of PAYPAL

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